Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Typical Wednesday

Its been brought to my attention that I'm just not posting as often as I used to. There could be a lot of reasons for that. Claire and I could be so darn busy that I simply don't have the time anymore. Or maybe Claire has figured out how to set up parental controls (after all, parental controls = control the parents, right?) on my computer so that the only websites I can go to now are and Or maybe we haven't really been up to anything exciting, so things to blog about are few and far between.

Yeah, probably that last one. See for yourself.

Yesterday, I tried a new grocery store. We have two options as far as grocery stores go out here, Hannafords or Shaws. Up until now, I've always gone to Shaws. But then Hannaford started sending me these unbelievable coupons in the mail. Free bags of chocolate (they obviously know who does the grocery shopping). Free rotisserie chickens. Whole $10 off your total. So I tried it, and I liked it. Hannaford just has so many cool things. Like trees and 'wood' floors in the produce section. Like a huge floral section. I don't remember ever buying flowers from a grocery store, but Claire loves to run in and smell everything. Or like a bakery you can smell as soon as you walk in. Or like behind the delicatessen counter they have these big ovens (built to look like those domed stone pizza ovens) with big fires to roast chickens and whatever else. Or the seafood section where not only do they have the guy making sushi, but the entire section is tiled into this huge underwater mural. There are just so many cool things to look at. Its the kind of store that when I walk through, I'm not sure if I can afford to shop there. But then at the end, the total isn't any more than the average total at Shaws ever was. So there you go. Maybe its just something new, and therefore cooler, I haven't decided yet. But this is the kind of stuff I've been doing lately. Not all that exciting, really, but now there is a whole post all about it!

And a picture to offset the text. Its an old one, but when you do things like grocery shop during the day, there just aren't that many new pictures to use.


Eric said...

Out here the grocery stores are Food Land, Safeway, and the Commissary (magic ID card holders only). The question is, do I want to pay $7.99 for a gallon of milk at Safeway, $6.50 at Foodland, or $3.99 at the Commissary... said...

Definitely go to Hannaford. Shopping should always be an experience, not just a gallon of milk.

jimhalberg said...

You should just do all your shopping at Dunkin Donuts like the rest of the city.