Sunday, May 01, 2011

Milena is Two!

Milena turned two last month.  We had such a fun time partying at the zoo with Annesley, Hollie and Tom last year, we decided a repeat was in order.  Hollie was smart and made a cupcake for Milena without frosting, though I did bring a poncho for Uncle Dave, just in case.  A lot has changed over the past year, but Milena's dislike for cake was not one of them.  She actually requested a 'rainbow cake' and I made her one for her actual birthday.  She didn't eat it.  Hollie made a sweet monkey cake for the party.  She didn't eat it.  I've got to say, if there are any two cakes that could tempt a person to change their mind, these would be it.  She's firmly against cake.

The day started out pretty chilly, but things shaped up nicely and we fully enjoyed everything a second birthday party should be.  Eating, pink glitter crowns, bubbles and the zoo.  

Happy Birthday, Milena and Annesley!


monnie halberg said...

Happy Birthday, Milena! We're sorry we missed it! That monkey cake looks great!

michael said...

Where are the pictures of Sheila in a crown?

sheila said...

It's tricky to get pictures of the photographer.

anne said...

are you kidding me? Milena is two? Holy crow! I need to see her. Badly!