Saturday, June 26, 2010

Father's Day and a Sunset

We had a great Father's Day.  Claire put on a piano recital for the family, and despite all her nerves beforehand, it went great.  She planned decorations, appetizers and a lunch, and she collected admission.  $2 each, with all proceeds being donated to the Sun Prairie Public Library.  Her summer goal is to raise $150 and get one of those brick tiles with her name on it for the sidewalk in front of the library.  I think its a pretty awesome summer goal.  So another recital is in the works for August, hopefully, and she's also planning a few lemonade stands and doing a bunch of work over at Jim and Teresa's to raise the money.

After the recital and lunch, my dad and Jim figured both sides of our patio doors should be able to open, even though since the first day we walked through the house during a showing, the left side remained jammed shut.  But they figured they could fix it, and sure enough, now we can open AND lock both doors.  It makes such a difference.  I have some simple plans to make the sunporch usable for more time during the year, including a floor and some insulation, and having both doors swing wide open is so much nicer.

On Father's Day itself, Claire asked Mike what he wanted to do.  He said, jokingly, 'bungee jumping'.  Claire was under the impression that bungee jumping meant going to the mall and jumping super high on a big air mattress with bungee cords strapped to you.  She's done that before and loved it.  So she was all in for bungee jumping on Father's Day.  Mike obviously meant the real bungee jumping.  I showed Claire a video, and she quickly decided she would not go after all.  However, her nagging up to that point pushed the idea from joke to reality, and we took a quick trip to Wisconsin Dells.  After we got there, we saw that there was bungee jumping, and then there was  SUPER AWESOME FREE FALL EXTRAVAGANZA AWESOMENESS!!  Obviously Mike chose the latter.  So he got on an elevator and went up twice as far as the silly little bungee jumping crane was.  Then the floor dropped out, he dangled out of the hole on a harness.  They cut him free and he free-fell something like 110 feet into a big net.  He enjoyed it very much and it was really fun to watch.  From the ground.  Where all the sane people were.

Then we got to see two-headed turtles and Claire got to hold a real live alligator.  The end.  Some things you can only in Wisconsin Dells.  I guess we set the bar pretty high for next year.

Oh, and earlier in the week, we were treated to an incredible sunset.  I've never seen the sky so bright before.  Claire actually woke up and thought the sky was on fire.  The first picture is right from our driveway.  Then I got in the car and drove around until I could see more.  I haven't done anything to these pictures, if anything, the color was even more saturated in person.  We had a great sunset-watching spot in Maine.  We have to find one here.

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Jim said...

The recital was a big highlight of my weekend!

That sunset was absolutely incredible - great pics!