Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Brother Got Married.

We had a great time last weekend at Dave and Erin's wedding. It was awesome to see he and his bride so happy. I don't have a lot of pictures of them together on the actual wedding day, but I had a great view for the main event. A camera might have been distracting during the ceremony, but I didn't hesitate to take pictures during the rehearsal, so just imagine them looking all fancy and such.

I also have to say that I enjoyed being a bridesmaid and having access to both the girls' room
and the boys' room. And everywhere else people were. I took plenty of pictures in the few
hours before the wedding and as people started arriving.

Seriously, I don't think Dave ever stopped smiling.

They said 'I do', we cheered, smiled for many many pictures, and then we were all off to eat and dance all night (and Claire did an awesome job being the flower girl).


monnie halberg said...

Congrats to Dave and Erin!

Carrie said...

ok, when I first looked, I thought he got married in a polo shirt and it was all casual.... I thought, "I thought Sheila had a fancy dress!"

Sounds like it was great fun. Very good stuff. Did Milena get her hair done?

Carrie said...

ps Is that the same church where you and Mike were married? It looks familiar.

sheila said...

Would have been great to be the only fancy one up there -nobody would have noticed the camera, anyway. And no, he got married in a different church than we did. It was a very pretty building.

Jeanne said...

Sheila you are right. I also can't remember when Dave wasn't smiling. I made me think back to your wedding day and you were the same way! It makes me feel so good to see both of you so happy.