Friday, August 07, 2009

August is for Weddings

By now I think everyone has seen many pictures of Tim and Josie's wedding, but here are my favorite two. (more here)

All of my pictures are of everything leading up to the ceremony, with none of the wedding itself. Milena tired of the Baby Bjorn quickly at the ceremony, so I mostly walked around with her. And at the reception she was bombarded by 300 people in one tiny room having a great time (being loud, as they should), and was very upset about it. Teresa snagged her, Carrie rescued me, and Claire went off somewhere to have a good time. Try as we might, we couldn't get Milena to settle down, so she and I headed home for a quiet evening. However, we had a great time celebrating and catching up with the extended family all weekend. Definitely a great trip.

This weekend we have a break, but we'll be back at it next weekend for my brother's wedding. Mike and I are standing up and Claire is the flower girl. Milena will be spending a quiet evening somewhere other than the reception. We are very much looking forward to it.

We're also looking forward to closing on our house in two weeks. I still can't believe we got it. Mike and I drove by the other day and saw the garage full of boxes. Looks like they really are planning on moving out. I guess we should start packing up too!


t. said...

Clairie definitely went off to have fun. She danced the night away!

t. said...

Great photos! They're all my favorites.