Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rhode Island

This past weekend we went to Rhode Island so Mike could participate in a tennis tournament. We had a really good time. Mike played well, and it was fun to watch him in an organized sport again. Maine's most popular sports seem to be alternative sports. Its not so easy to go watch Mike ride his road bike, so tennis was nice. We were also able to check out the Providence Children's Museum and the EcoTarium. They both were lots of fun for all three of us (the EcoTarium had a fantastic planetarium show), and it was a great way to break up the weekend, especially for Claire. I think it was much easier for her to sit through a tennis match when she knew we were going to a children's museum afterwards.

Gotta love "The Big Lady". Sometimes, children's museums a strange item or two hidden in a corner.

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michael said...

The Ecotarium was great. Claire got to help out with the owl demonstration and we got to enjoy another planetarium show!