Thursday, July 12, 2007

With Pictures!

Another project crossed off the list: the basement stairs. We proved once a gain that a coat of paint makes all the difference. The white walls were all scuffed up from hauling stuff up and down, and the stairs really needed a fresh coat. Really the pictures don't even do it justice. In short, it looks great (before and after, if it wasn't obvious):

Tuesday, we decided to take a quick camping trip with Claire, just to test her out and see how much work we have to do if we wanted to go camping with her regularly. Turns out not much. She did great sleeping in the tent, even when it was bedtime for her, but Mike and I sat out by the fire for a while longer. A fire that was fantastic. Its been really wet lately, and though it didn't rain Tuesday, the woods was still damp. We couldn't even find leaves that were dry enough to catch fire. But Mike was patient enough to start a fire that was hot enough that the coals were still smoking in the morning.

And then, when we got home we realized we had a cucumber ready for picking. Definitely the best cucumber I've ever tasted!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheila,

I love your little stories that you put on the blog. They always make me smile at the end of the day! :) Have a good weekend.
Amanda (and Adam too) said...

The steps look great. Hurray for paint! We're putting in solar tubes Sunday. We'll let you know how that goes!