Saturday, July 28, 2007


I've been meaning to post a picture of an amazing sunset Claire and I were lucky enough to see on Ferry Beach a few nights ago. I can't remember ever seeing a sunset as beautiful as this one was. The actual setting of the sun was not much, but after it sunk below the horizon, the sky completely filled with color, and was reflected in the water around all the sandbars and boats. It started out just slightly orange, but as we watched, it became darker and more intense until it was unbelievably red, and then finally purple before all the color and light faded completely. The colors were so saturated our skin, clothes, even the sand looked red in the light. I took pictures, of course, but not many. It was definitely something to sit and enjoy fully rather than through a camera's viewfinder.

I also used this sunset as an opportunity to try out my camera's 'photo stitch' capabilities to produce a panoramic photo. It worked great, but now that I have it I have no idea where to print it. My usuals (snapfish and shutterfly) don't offer panoramic prints. Any ideas how I can print it?


Winnie said...

That looks awesome. Wished we were there.

Eric said...

Great pics, Sheila!