Monday, April 09, 2007

The Hunt

Easter was a very low-key day for us. We had planned on hiking, but Claire and I were feeling a but under the weather, so we decided to stay in. I slept almost the entire day, and Mike and Claire had their fair share of napping as well. When we all finally rolled out of bed around 5:30pm, we decided to get the egg hunt underway. It was surprisingly cold for Easter, but we all had fun hunting for eggs anyway. And the snow added a bit of difficulty to the hunt. Claire seemed to think I had buried all of the eggs, and spent quite a bit of time digging in the snow for them.

Today I'm planning on running some errands. I have to pick up some groceries and other necessities before we leave for our tropical vacation. I'm still at home though, and my list is only partially complete. Obviously I'm having a difficult time getting going today. But I'm awake and dressed, which compared to yesterday is a big step in the right direction.


michael said...

Out of bed at 5:30pm? To be fair we did go to church and out for breakfast. said...

Easter egg hunt in the snow? Looks like fun for everyone. I love Claire's Easter bonnet.