Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cascade Head

Last weekend, Curtis and I hiked around Cascade Head on the coast. We happened to catch the views from the top between a storm earlier in the morning and one later in the afternoon - excellent timing! The trail was pretty empty except for the two of us, which allowed for a quite picnic at the top with warm homemade veggie chili. My hands were pretty icy from the wind, next time I shall remember gloves even if the sun is shining! Here are some of my pics from the trip...eventually I will transfer my flickr badge to this blog. Sorry for the delay Sheila!


monnie halberg said...

I'm continually impressed by your pictures, Maighie! Guess you have a lot to work with out there!

aunt teresa said...

Beautiful pictures, Maighie Girl. It must have been a great hike.

Leslie said...

Maighie - that is some of the most beautiful coastline I have ever seen in my life - you are so lucky to live close to it....Love you.