Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Hamster

Saturday we took some time to check out the Children's Museum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We also spent some time at Prescott Park, which was beautiful. There was actually a wedding party having pictures taken when we showed up, and if you look carefully you can see the groom inside the circle of the fountain below. I believe we will be in the background of many of their pictures, so fair is fair. Besides the flowers and fountains, there was a great view of a bridge. Portsmouth seemed to have quite a few really cool bridges.

The Children's Museum was really fun too. My favorite exhibit was 'Mind Games'. You strap electrodes to your forehead and compete to see who can be more relaxed. Its gauged by a ball inside of a tube on a table. The ball rolls toward whoever is more relaxed. You can watch what your brain waves are doing on the screen above the table. Claire and Mike competed first, and as you can see, Mike took it very seriously and meditated to be more relaxed. Claire was more interested in what she could play with next. Interestingly enough, Claire was the more relaxed one, winning very quickly. When Mike and I tried it out, it took much longer, and in the end, he proved himself to be more relaxed than me. He didn't even gloat. Or do a victory dance.

They also had a huge Pin Impression board. We played with that for a while. Mike and I more so than Claire. I kind of want one for the basement.

All in all, it was fun to go to a different museum and see different stuff. On the way home we asked Claire which children's museum she liked better, the one in Maine or the one in New Hampshire. She answered that she liked My Hamster better. And finally, this is a tree in our back yard. The colors are just so bright, its really unbelievable.


jimhalberg said...

A relaxation competition - what a concept!

Anonymous said...

i was wondering when "the hamster" would come in to the story- cute!
such educational opportunities you're all enjoying!

sheila said...

Yeah, a relaxation competition. Kind of an oxymoron for a Halberg such as Mike.

Eric said...

A relaxation competition, eh? That's like telling someone to not picture an elephant in their mind. The harder they try to avoid picturing the elephant, the more vivid the picture becomes.