Monday, October 09, 2006

Looking at the Leaves

Yesterday we took a trip up to Lake Sebago State Park. It was an amazing day and we wanted to see some fall color, but we weren't sure where to go. The only tip we got was to stay away from Conway, NH. Its a beautiful spot, but its also no secret. Friends of ours who tried to get out there this weekend ran into standstill traffic and had to turn around. Acadia would be great, but its a little bit far for a day trip. Same thing with Burlington, VT. So I just looked at the map, figured we'd have to go north for peak color (its not quite peak here in Portland), and figured Lake Sebago would be perfect. And it was. Except for two things. First, I didn't get the best directions and it took us forever to get there. And back. Mike spent most of the trip looking at me like this:

Second, and probably the reason why it wasn't very busy, most of the trees in Lake Sebago State Park are pine trees.

But it was really pretty anyway. We sat on the beach and walked the trails. And we did see a little bit of color between all the pines.

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