Monday, June 05, 2006

Well, we're not in Wisconsin anymore.

Yesterday I actually talked to a girl who had never heard of Brett Favre. Granted, she was not a football fan of any kind, but never heard of Brett Favre? I've never heard of anything so ridiculous.

Except today, while I was getting my paint mixed. One of the employees was talking about her previous job at a bank and the time she locked one of her co-workers inside the vault. I don't know much about how vaults work, but she said it has a mechanism that when you close and lock it, you tell it when you will be opening it and then it won't open until that time. So she closed and locked the vault right before a three day weekend, and then heard some muffled yells from inside. They had to call a locksmith (maybe not, but I wouldn't know the title of the job) to come and cut a hole in the door in order to get her out. Another thing about vaults that I didn't know is that they are ventilated and have a supply of food and water just in case something of the sort would happen. No bathroom though, which seems kind of cruel. Anyway, the locksmith had to come from New York, and there was a blizzard so he couldn't fly. The girl ended up being locked in the vault for about 24 hours. Now that is crazy.


Eric said...

That is a bit strange. I guess I've never seen a bank vault before, but our vaults at work can always be unlocked from the inside. It's a failsafe for when the jokes go a little too far.

sheila said...

This took place in northern Maine, and while I've never been there I've heard its not the most...technologically updated place that ever was. Having a vault that unlocks from the inside seems like a pretty good idea. Maybe when they had to buy a new one, the got the new version.

Leslie said...

Hard to believe that there are places in the world where no one cares about the Packers.....sorry you had to find this out the hard way Sheila - but at least you are old enough now to sort of handle it. Try to protect Claire as long as possible.