Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fishing and Lobster.

Yesterday, while Mike was enduring hour after hour of computer training, Claire and I went fishing with Jason, another resident's husband. They have done some pretty cool deep sea fishing, where you get in the boat, drive out into the ocean for about 70 miles and then use a whole salmon as bait. They have caught everything from sting rays to sharks to 240 pound Halibut. Yesterday, however, we just fished off the beach. And we only caught one striper, a kind of bass. It was definitely the biggest fish I have ever caught, but not big enough to keep. We were rained out a bit in the morning, so we missed the prime fishing time, one hour before high tide (happy hour), but we're planning on going out more next week when the tides come in during the day instead of the morning and night.

Claire and I both had a blast.

And today was the Emergency Department Lobster Bake. It was kind of rainy, but we still had a great time. The highlight was definitely lunch.

Grilled corn, potatoes, lobster and clams. They also had chicken, steak and hot dogs, but for some reason those just weren't as popular. There were more lobsters and clams than you could eat. I didn't think to take a picture of the mountain of lobsters before anyone started eating, but Mike did get this one after everyone had finished.

It was impressive, and I believe there is a similar event on Wednesday. We are definitely enjoying ourselves so far. We have gotten together with the interns (incoming residents) many times already, and it is a better group of people than I could have hoped for. Everyone is so much fun. Its going to be a great three years!


Eric said...

Is that the lobster bake where they put everything in a tarp over a fire in the ground, throw in some seaweed, put more tarps over the top, and let everything steam together?

Either way, it looked really good!

sheila said...

Yes, thats how they did it, and yes, it was awesome. I think Mike ate two lobsters, plus some stray claws. We're both getting to be more skilled at eating a whole lobster.