Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Book We Wrote Today

"Claire Goes to the Volcano!"

Once upon a time, there was Claire walking in the woods.
And she saw a volcano!
And she was scared. So she called her mom and dad.
"Mom and Dad! I'm scared of the volcano!"
And mom and dad came!
Claire said "I'm scared of the volcano.
Mom and dad said "The volcano is a friendly one."
Claire was happy. She said "Hi volcano!"
And then the volcano was happy too.
Claire gave the volcano a big hug.
And then the volcano started to make steam.
And it spit out crayons!
And then it spit out paper!
And Claire could draw!
So Claire drew a volcano bigger than Mama's car.
And she said "There."
And Claire gave the picture to the volcano.

The End. Thats the rest of the story.

by: Claire Halberg.


Mike Fox said...

Is the volcano an allegory for Uncle Jim? Jim is hot-headed and tends to spit out crayons and paper at times...

sheila said...

Hmmm, interesting. He does kind of hang around in the woods a lot too.

monnie halberg said...

There is quite a bit brewing in that big head of his.