Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aaaand, more Door County

When I decide to write a post, usually I start looking through the pictures I've taken since the last post. This time, the only pictures I took since the last time I was in Door County, were more recently taken in Door County. But, for something a little bit new, these pictures are mostly of my brother's kids.  They seem to *enjoy* having their pictures taken.  Which is surprising to me because my own kids act like this is painful painful torture.  To get a picture of Milena I have to be sneaky. I use a lens I can really zoom in with and snap pictures while she's preoccupied. Or if I'm using my iPhone, I turn the sound off so she can't hear the 'shutter' as I click away, kind of off to the side. 

Like these of Milena. Zoomed in and taken while she was busy running away from Dave.

But Mason and Mara (and Dave) just stand or sit there, looking cute, for just about as long as I want them to. Crazy kids. They'll get older and know better.

These were all taken at Andersen Dock. Its a great place for the sunset. Plus there is a large grassy area to play in, rocks to climb on and people fishing to watch. Can't beat it.

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