Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And she's 3.

Milena turns three today.  

I think she's relieved to have woken up to find all her teeth still in her mouth, and all her diapers still in the closet.  These two things have been causing some anxiety the past few days as she realized her birthday was getting closer and closer.  A few months back Claire explained to Milena that she'll lose her teeth when she gets older. Milena assumed 'older' meant 'three', and she's been afraid that she'd wake up on her third birthday without teeth no matter how many times we assured her she would not.  The second issue, with the diapers, she brought on herself.  She's insisted she'd start wearing only underwear once she turned three.  She does great using the toilet at home, but she's a little iffy when we are out.  Public toilets can be quite loud, and they throw her off.  As the big day came closer, she started worrying that in the night I would replace all her diapers with underwear, because she said she'd wear them. It didn't happen.

Today we have spent the day finding all the 3's I hid around the house and playing board games. She requested a Brewer cake (because it has a blue 'M') and dinner at Market Street Diner. The big double birthday party with Annesley is at the zoo, like always, this weekend. Its been a great day, and I'm sure she'll sleep easier tonight.

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