Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Going on Three

Its been said before, but I'll go ahead and confirm, the 'terrible twos' are nothing compared to what three brings. Milena isn't quite three yet, give her two months, but she's definitely close enough to start acting like a three year old. The past few weeks have been trying to say the least as Milena learns some boundaries and I keep looking for a reset button.

When Claire was in Kindergarden, back in Maine, she had a difficult time adjusting to all day school.  For the first few months, she spent a fair amount of her mornings crying. One of her classmates, a boy named Michael, would try to cheer her up. He made up a song he'd sing if Claire was sad, and it always made her laugh. It was a song about a mustache, and then a beard, and then a 'moose-stache', because thats how people in Maine pronounce mustache (thats not true). Its a simple and catchy tune that Claire still sings. And it works for Milena too. When she's getting herself worked up, that song kind of brings her out of it. She'll resist at first, but its not long before she's singing it and making herself laugh. It makes me wonder if Michael remembers that and what he'd say if he knew how often we sing and laugh about it.

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