Sunday, December 12, 2010


I found some more pictures from the first snowfall.

These two pictures of Claire are fun.  I like to think she's trying to decide who to hit with her handful of snow.   Her father, who has definitely thrown his fair share of snowballs at Claire and deserves some retaliation,

or her unsuspecting, attention getting little sister, heh.  

But she must have been thinking something else, because no one ended up with a face full of snow.

We were hit with a big storm this weekend.  The girls and I were visiting my parents, and I made what was probably a bad decision that thankfully turned out fine: driving home right at the beginning of it all.  I figured I could beat most of the storm by leaving early, and if I stayed, I'd probably be there until Monday.  The trip started out fine, but quickly got bad, and then worse.  The slower I went, the longer I was out there, and the worse the roads got.  I believe in the end, it was probably a four hour drive that usually takes two.  It would have been fine if there were a plow or two out, but in the four hours I was on the highways, I only saw one, and it was on the other side of the highway.  On the positive side, the new Pilot handles really well in terrible conditions, and after logging all those hours behind the wheel, I am now at least twice as good at driving in the snow than I was a few days ago.  

Today I was more than happy to stay in the house, so although its beautiful outside with all the snow in the tree branches, I don't have any pictures.  Maybe tomorrow.


Eric said...

If it's any consolation, everything here stops when there is snow. We got 6" a couple of weeks ago and the average speed on the main roads was 2 mph (we could have walked that last 8 miles faster than we drove it).

If you are able to drive in snow without spinning out your tires (or tyres, as they spell it), you would be considered a superhero in England. Bring the Pilot and give the Brits what's for!

sheila said...

Nice to think I'd be a superhero in England. Kind of makes me want to move!

monnie halberg said...

Oh gosh, I can't believe you drove home in that! The roads are still terrible. Don't do that again, okay? Jim and I were talking about that really bad snow/ice storm back in 2007 with you and Claire in the backseat. I was pregnant and it was dicey!