Sunday, October 03, 2010

At the Library.

At the library, Milena is completely unwilling to look at books with Claire.  She wants to play with the trains.  While Claire is wandering around, Milena does everything she can to escape and get to the 'choo-choo choo-choo's.    Finally Claire has what she wants and we head over to the train table.  Milena is finally happy, and Claire talks about her book.  But not for long.  After all, it looks like such a good book, who can resist diving right in?

Also, the girls were having such a good time playing tonight.  Usually this will stop as soon as I reach for a camera, but tonight I got lucky.


Shelagh said...

So sweet. Is that a Geronimo Stilton book that Claire is reading? Whatever it is, it looks engrossing.

sheila said...

Actually, I think that is Geronimo Stilton. But she discovered Thea Stilton as well, so it could be either. She loves those books!

anne said...

I just read your blog through the summer. So lovely. Your kids are beautiful and so are you.