Friday, May 21, 2010

New Career?

Mike got an invite to ride the new 'Scorpian's Tail' water slide at Noah's Ark yesterday to test it out before it opened to the general public. Not sure he's ever had more fun on a water slide, and I'm not sure I ever had more fun watching people go on a water slide.

I forgot to take a picture of the whole ride, but its all about the loop. You ride on your back and the slide takes you completely around. Very fun to watch. And if its Mike riding, you get to hear some screaming as well.

The ride starts out innocently enough in this little elevator type thing.

But then the floor drops out from under your feet and away you go.

I think Claire was relieved that she isn't heavy enough to go. She was happy to just watch.

Everyone seemed to agree it was quite the rush.

Claire had a blast getting wet as people splashed to a stop at the end. Though she does seem pretty serious about it all here.

Just another thing to add on to the resume: Water Slide Tester.

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monnie halberg said...

6 extra years of schooling to be a water slide tester? sounds like it should pay pretty well...