Monday, February 01, 2010

Favorite iPhone pics

I use my iPhone camera much more than I thought I would. I can even get a really nice 5x5 print from it. The only downside is that pictures stay on the phone for a long time because I rarely sync it with the computer. But I did last night, and so, here are some of my favorite pictures, taken with my iPhone.

Claire and I having fun on a walk.

Playing in bed with Milena while living at the apartments in Madison.

Claire and Mike walking home from the bus stop on her 6th birthday.

On the way to the bus stop.

Mike and Jim at Niagara Falls, making the drive from Maine to Wisconsin.

Claire dressed up and standing on the window seat at the apartments in Madison.

Milena in her stroller.

Milena keeping an eye on me.

Claire and Mike watching the sunset at Lake Saint Germaine, WI.

Milena and Jim "watching football".

And my favorite of the favorites. Claire feeding a giraffe a cracker, but then changing her mind a the last second, and letting the cracker drop. I was very fortunate to catch this, just as the cracker falls from her hand, especially with the (compared to my Nikon) slow response time of the iPhone.


michael said...

Can't believe the iphone takes such good pics.

monnie halberg said...

Great pics!
I always say that about Jim's pics that he takes as well: "I can't believe the iphone takes such good pics"!