Saturday, July 04, 2009

Wisconsin Residents Again

Its been a busy few weeks, but its starting to slow down again.

We rented our Maine house, and then we packed up our stuff.

Teresa, Claire, Milena and I hopped on a plane and flew to WI in about six hours (despite my worrying, Milena did awesome on the flights). Mike and Jim hopped in the car and made the trip in three days. After a few days staying with Jim and Teresa, our stuff arrived and we moved into an apartment, which has turned out really well. There has been a lot of house hunting going on and a LOT of last minute snags and paperwork to clean up for Mike before he starts in a few days. Not to mention all the other little things address/phone changes bring about. But like I said, its slowing down.

Last night Claire got to have a sleepover at Jim and Teresa's. Mike, Milena and I went downtown. It has been quite a while since I've been downtown, so I was happy to take pictures like a tourist. And it was such a beautiful night.

Yes, Milena actually was this happy the entire night.

This morning the wash machine broke and flooded a large portion of the apartment. I only realized it when I walked by the laundry room and the carpet had puddles under it. But someone is here fixing it now. There are definitely benefits to renting!

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monnie halberg said...

Yeah! Milena loves Madison! And we love it that you're here.