Sunday, June 14, 2009


Three years ago, Mike, Claire and I went to the residency graduation. We sat in a huge room full of strangers and watched a handful of people we didn't know receive their diplomas. This past Friday, Mike, Claire, Milena and I sat in the same huge room filled with familiar faces as Mike and some of our best friends accepted their diplomas. Amazing what three years can do.

It was so nice to have Jim, Monnie and Henry here for the big event. Its been a while since we've had visitors who wanted to see Maine. It was fun making the rounds one last time.

But now its back to business. You can make a lot of friends in three years, and you can also accumulate quite a pile of stuff.


jimhalberg said...

We had an awesome visit - Thanks for hosting us one last time on the east coast!

So wonderful to see Claire and meet Milena!

Love that picture of Monnie and Henry too :)

Ana Luisa said...

Sweet... sweet.. Miss you guys !!! Beijos!

t. said...

We'll see you soon!

Eric said...

Good luck with the move!