Friday, April 03, 2009

Full term and getting ready

This is the week I'm officially full term, and thats about it for pregnancy news. Thankfully, we have a lot of other things to keep us busy. The baby's room is finally put together with lots of nice gender-neutral green and brown. The crib has been assembled, which was much more difficult and time consuming than we expected or remembered. Little tiny onesies and blankets have been dug out of storage and washed. Diapers and wipes purchased. We're ready to go.

Coincidently, the room is also done just in time for our house to be on the market. Today is the first day its been listed. No offers yet, so here's hoping that changes.


Carrie said...

So exciting!! I can't wait to hear the big news!


Aunt Carrie

Winnie said...

Cute room. I'm still trying to fix up our baby's room.

monnie halberg said...