Monday, October 27, 2008

Bedtime Stories

Mike and I keep to the same basic schedule at Claire's bedtime. Pajamas on, teeth brushed, story and then lights out. We just do the story part a little differently. We both let Claire pick a book, and she usually chooses books like The Magic School Bus or Dr. Seuss, or something you'd find in the kids section of the bookstore or library. The difference is that Mike then follows that up with a little trip through the Human Atlas. Claire loves it. Especially the picture of the skull showing where baby teeth and adult teeth are.


Anonymous said...

No wonder she chose to be a blood cell for Halloween!

Carrie said...

I always want to buy the Human Anatomy books that are on sale when I walk out of Borders! Love the idea. (Wait, I did buy one last year!)

Love the family stories and the ultrasound stuff. Wait. Wait. Wait. No matter what Nana T says.