Sunday, August 17, 2008

Up to Date.

I downloaded the pictures from my camera tonight, and I realized I have a little catching up to do.

A few weeks ago, Mike, Claire and I took a canoe trip in the Scarborough Marsh. A few days later, Claire hosted an Olympic Party. Then we went to the airport where Claire did some interpretive dancing. We got on an airplane and started our two week Wisconsin Vacation. The beach house and camping portions of the WI trip are over and we had a blast doing both. Just like the first part of our trip, the rest of the days will be nice and relaxing. I have quite a few pictures. Here are a few of my favorites, and the rest can be found in this Picasa Album.


t. said...

Clairie, thanks for the hint on how to entertain oneself while waiting (and waiting) at airports. Interpretive dancing is much more creative (and aerobic) than my "let's get another cup of coffee" fallback.

Love the pics at the lake! What a great week.

jimhalberg said...

Whoa. She is WAY up there!

monnie halberg said...

yeah, wow, she's way up there!
great photos from the beach!

sheila said...

Yeah, Mike can really throw her. All goes well until she starts doing fancy tricks with her legs.

Emily said...

Great photos, Sheila! It was so nice to see you!