Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two Extra Dogs, One Less Tooth

Friends of ours are on vacation for the next two weeks or so, and we volunteered to watch their two dogs. They are probably two of the easiest dogs to have. They don't really bark, and they spend all their time in the kitchen (the Pug sheds, so we are trying to keep the allergens concentrated in one area for Mike) or outside running around. Claire loves it. She does all the feeding and treat giving. She puts them to bed at night and takes them outside. It been nice to have them.

Today I also got one of my wisdom teeth pulled. I only have two, both on the bottom, and I decided to have them removed one at a time with just local anesthetic. It was by far the easiest dental procedure I've ever had done. It took forever (15 minutes) to get my jaw numbed up, and maybe three minutes to take the tooth out. It was over far before I realized he even started. Now that I know how it all goes, I probably won't put off having the second one removed as long as I did the first.

So thats about all that is happening with us right now. Other than the Celtics winning last night (almost forgot, sorry Alle!) of course. June is already half over, unbelievably. So far the spring has been quiet, sunny and cool, not anything like the past two springs we have spent in Maine. Its been great.


t. said...

What cute puppies! How fun to have them for a visit.

monnie halberg said...

It's nice to have short-term visitors!
I have a couple wisdom teeth left too, but I'm totally procrastinating is impacted- BOO!

sheila said...

We have been having a lot of fun with them, they're good dogs.
I put off having mine done for so long too, years even. I'm glad to have it (half) done and not on the Dental To Do List anymore!