Monday, September 17, 2007

Rangeley Weekend

This past weekend we went up to Rangeley, Maine for the annual Emergency Medicine resident retreat. I didn't come away with many pictures of the retreat itself which is probably for the best, but I think it safe to say everyone had a great time. Its a beautiful spot. The weather was kind of cold, dark and stormy Friday and Saturday, as the pictures show, but it didn't stop a few people from getting out on the lake with sunfish or to windsurf.

Sunday was sunny and just a little chilly, a perfect day for a hike. Mike, Claire and I went to Saddleback Mountain and spent about three hours exploring the woods. The mountain is by far most popular in the winter for skiing, but the hiking is great too. The trail Mike found was perfect for us. Claire was able to be our fearless leader most of the time, with just a little help over the bigger puddles. She did great, especially for such a long hike.


michael said...

Fun fun.

Eric said...

That last picture is a definite keeper. You guys seem to be enjoying Maine. Do you think you will stay after the residency is up?