Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fathers Day Ideas. Feel free to borrow any of them.

I asked Claire what should we do for dad for Father's Day today. Here are some of her answers:

I know! We could finish my doll house!
Wait wait wait. I remember. We can buy him a hiking pack! (Well, now that sound like a planted idea, doesn't it, Mike?)
We could get him a donut! And one for me too!
We could hide from him when he comes home and then jump out and say 'suprise!!'
We could wash all the dishes for him.
We could give him a new eraser and pencil.
We could get him a new computer!
We could make him a picture!

I think we'll do that last one. And probably do the dishes for him as well. I'm going to be doing them anyway, I might as well claim it as a gift, right?

3 comments: said...

Good idea with the dishes, Sheila. Let's see...get him an new pencil (and wrap it nicely), hide, jump out and say "Surprise", have a donut for dinner, and use paper plates. Sounds like fun!

Happy Father's Day, Michael John!

Alle said...

Hey, I got donuts today for Matt...great minds think alike, huh?

happy Father's Day Mike!

Eric said...

Happy Father's Day, Mike! I hope you like your pencil/eraser set!