Friday, May 11, 2007

Misbehaving at the Children's Museum

Today started off stormy, so we went to the Children's Museum. Its a rare treat for all three of us to go, and today was no different. After hitting all the favorite spots, we checked out the Ranger Station which was still new to us. We walked around the room looking at the various nature displays such as stuffed (real) animals, wasp and bird nests, sections of tree trunks and those boxes you stick your hand in and try to ID the pine cone or whatever that is hidden inside. Then I found the fun stuff: a table with fake animal poop on it. It was rubbery rather than plastic-y, so it not only looked real, but felt a little more real than I expected as well. I showed Mike, and then I mentioned something about how it would be funny if we'd replaced all the stuff in the ID boxes with the fake animal poop. That was all the suggestion he needed. He did the switch quickly and sneakily.

We are still laughing at our imagined outcomes.

2 comments: said...

I should have known it was the PARENTS who misbehaved!

michael said...

There was a box you are supposed to reach your hand into and feel inside to guess what you are feeling.