Thursday, March 15, 2007

Getting Nowhere.

Claire and I were in the waiting room of a doctor's office, and Claire was reading a book she brought along when another little girl came and stood next to her. I nudged Claire, reminding her to say hello.

Claire: Hi.
Girl: Hi.
Claire: My name is Claire.
Girl: My name is ... (I couldn't understand her when she said her name)
Claire: I'm reading a Dora book.
Girl: Thats not your book.
Claire: Um, I'm just reading my Dora book. (goes back to reading)
Girl: You can't keep that book, its not your book.
Claire: It says 'This book belongs to C-L-A-I-R-E, Claire'.
Girl: Thats not your book.
Claire: Um, my mom's first name is Sheila. My dad's first name is Michael. My first name is Claire and 'This book belongs to Claire'. See that line? My name is on the line. I'm just going to read this Dora book now, okay?
Girl: No, you can't keep that book.
Claire: Um, actually this is my book.
Girl: Thats not your book.
Claire: Actually, that is incorrect.

At this point the nurse calls our name, and the girl goes a little crazy about Claire taking the book with her. Claire, on the other hand, hardly even remembers it happened. I thought it was great, and tried not to laugh out loud. I kind of wish it would have gone on a little longer.

And if you couldn't tell from the conversation above, lately she has been throwing 'actually' and 'correct' and 'incorrect' into conversations, and thats pretty entertaining, too.


monnie halberg said...

I'm thinking a lawyer! Sign her up for the debate team! said...

Claire had that girl flummoxed and didn't even notice!

Her verbal skills are amazing. But, after all, her mom's first name is Sheila and her dad's first name is Michael, so she ain't no slouch in the verbal skills department!