Monday, April 03, 2006


Our House
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Our trip to Maine was a huge success! We found a house we love in the perfect area with great neighbors. We are so excited to move in. It has three bedrooms, a fenced in backyard and a garage (rare in Portland). There are parks and a library within walking distance, and across the street is full court basketball and a huge open and flat field. I can't wait to get there and start making it our own. Claire thinks it should be a purple house. Think she'll settle for a purple bedroom?

Also, on Sunday, we went rock climbing. And by 'we' I really mean Mike and a bunch of people went rock climbing. My new friend, Nicole, and I watched and laid out on the warm rocks and played with Nicole's dog, Gus (a huge golden doodle). We also went for an accidental hike trying to find a second cliff where some of the climbers were. We misjudged and ended up blazing our own path through the woods trying to find the bottom of the mountain. It took us just about an hour to do, and my quads are horribly sore today!

We also ate lobsters. What a fun (and busy) week. There are more very impressive rock climbing pictures on Flickr. I'm such a wimp, I was afraid just watching.


faveauntcarrie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How cool that you found a house!

When, oh when, do you move? I would love to see you before that.



jimhalberg said...

Congrats guys!

Did Claire laugh when she found out her new house looks like a big lemon?

Leslie said...

This is great! And I am delighted about the THREE bedrooms - having a bit of a travelling bug of late!

Will miss having you close by - but think that this is a fantastic adventure for the you all. Love, love....

Maighie said...

Congratulations Halbergs! I'm so happy you will be fellow Portlanders - I was hoping someone would hold down the fort on the opposite coast!

Love to you all,

sheila said...

As we were looking, we realized we needed three bedrooms so everyone can come and visit. Its already destined to be a guest room, so start booking your stays.

We close on May 24.

Winnie said...

Congrats on finding an awesome place. Can't wait till we get to move into a house.